Monthly Archives: March 2015

Child Custody Investigations

When choosing a private investigator for your child custody case it’s important that the investigator you choose is well-versed in child welfare issues, know the local laws and are experienced in interviews and mobile and stationary surveillance as well as utilizing covert surveillance equipment when the case calls for it. You need an investigator who is also prepared and sensitive to the situation and prepared to testify in court should the case call for it, which in our experience has happened many times. Child custody cases...
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Stalking Safety Planning

Very often stalking victims need to build their own case before law enforcement will get involved. Even then, cases are sometimes difficult to prove. In some jurisdictions, these cases end up with a victim facing serious physical harm before they are taken seriously. Laws have come a ways since the early 90s when many states were just beginning to enact legislation. Technology has often kept one step ahead of the laws though leaving victims still vulnerable. While almost all states have a provision in the law...
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