Have you ever wondered just how much information about you is available to the public? With the availability of public record searches, social media content and cheap pay sites that claim to find background info on anyone, there’s a lot of data that can be found out about you. The question is – do you want it known? Many are surprised just how easily their personal and professional data is made available.

But there are many reasons why you should know what others can easily find out. Your safety, employment searches, identity theft and many other reasons. Think about this – You casually post a comment to a news article on Facebook that someone else takes disagreement with. Normally, at worst it’s some back and forth in the comment section but what if the person isn’t mentally stable. All it takes is a click on your profile. What comes up? Your name, maybe city you live and really that’s all anyone needs to get started. With just even your name and approximate age from your most recent selfie suddenly a stranger can start digging and could find out details to your whole life including your current address.

What if your current or perspective employer decides to do a comprehensive background check on you – do you really know what kind of information they can find? It’s always better to be prepared than to be surprised. Even for those who don’t think they have much out there or anything negative that could affect them, it’s still better to double check. More so if you have a common name.

If you’re not regularly pulling your credit report, start now and consider having Mission Possible Investigations conduct a full comprehensive background check on yourself to see what information is readily available.

Our background investigations include. Internet Search, Social Media Search, Public Records, Arrest Records, Alias Names, Bankruptcy Filings, Criminal Records, Convictions, Corporate Ownership, Driving Records, Domain Name Ownership, Judgments, Relatives, Lawsuits, Military Background, Past & Present Addresses, Prisoner Information, Property Ownership, Phone Numbers, Professional Licenses, Real Age, Sex Offenders, Tax Liens, U.C.C. Filings, Vehicle Ownership. Marriage/Divorce Records, Death Records.