Matrimonial & Infidelity Investigations Anchorage Alaska

Mission Possible Investigation, LLC is a full service private investigative firm licensed in Anchorage, Alaska. MPI formed in 2007 has offices in NY, AR 2010 and AK in 2021. Experts in child custody, surveillance and infidelity investigations. We believe in quality over quantity and every case we take on is important to us. Mission Possible Investigations is able to blend into almost any environment and collect information discreetly so that we can bring your case to a successful conclusion. Investigators at our office track and locate individuals as well as testify on your court cases if necessary. References are available on request as we are former honorably discharged US Marines and Veterans.

Put our expertise and experience to work for you. Private investigators at Mission Possible Investigations can review past case documentation, conduct surveillance, complete background and criminal record checks, find and obtain witness interviews, consult with law enforcement and other providers and make case recommendations. Private investigators at Mission Possible Investigations are also able to testify to their findings in both family and criminal court.

Protect your children, protect yourself.
Cheating investigations in Anchorage, AK include surveillance and monitoring activities and movement. Investigators obtain photographs and or video and collect information that can be used for court purposes.

Cohabitation investigations in Anchorage, AK include surveillance and providing evidence that can show the ex is living with and involved in a relationship with another individual. Many times information like this can be used to reduce alimony if the individual has broken order or an agreement.

General surveillance can include monitoring employees for theft or for other legal business and personal matters.

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