Hot Car Deaths – Accident or Homicide?

Since early May when temperatures start to warm in the south, we all start hearing about cases of parents leaving their children in the car where they die of heatstroke. It’s happened already this year in South Texas. The National Safety Council notes these incidences kill an average of 37 children a year. The council released a report that says 742 U.S. children died of heatstroke in vehicles between 1998 and 2017. Forty-two children died in these conditions in 2017, up from 39 the previous year. A...
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Uncovering Hidden Assets

The search for hidden assets is not uncommon in divorce cases. In fact, it comes up more frequently than infidelity, and it can have a serious impact on the divorce settlement. According to research by National Endowment for Financial Education, secretive hidden funds are seen in two out of three marriages. The research showed that 31 percent of couples sharing financial accounts with a spouse or significant other had been financially deceptive toward their partner. Of these couples, 58 percent had hidden cash. The American Academy...
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Child Custody Investigations – Keeping Kids Safe

Child custody investigations are often messy and complicated. They result when one parent, or sometimes other family member, either wants full custody of the child(ren) or to change a current custody arrangement in some way. Many times, these cases are justified. Other times, they are not. Child custody cases can become a battle ground of accusations, allegations and exaggerations with a child caught in the middle. When there is an issue of child custody and visitation, many parents want to ensure the child is safe when...
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How Safe are Your Elderly Parents?

The statistics are startling. According to the best estimates, about 1-2 million U.S. citizens 65 years of age or older have been mistreated, exploited or injured by a caregiver. Caregiver abuse is typically defined as abuse by someone providing care for the elderly or a person with a disability. Elder abuse is a broad term encompassing all types of abuse and neglect but not always specifically caused by someone in a caretaker role. The term caregiver refers to anyone who routinely helps others who are limited...
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Are More Women Cheating?

Some private investigators and security companies that sell spy cameras and GPS tracking devices report a spike in cheating partner calls in February right around Valentine’s Day. At Mission Possible Investigations, we see it too. Romance and love is highlighted in Feb. and suspicion is higher. Along with handling more cases, the kinds of cheating cases we are seeing has changed as well since we first opened in 2007. In the first few years in business, the majority of cases we had were married clients headed...
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