As we turn into the New Year, Mission Possible Investigations is excited to share feedback we received from clients about their positive experiences with our firm and their results from our work.

Jeff G. wrote, “I hired Mission Possible Investigations to help me on my adoption case and Jamie Richardson found my birth family. I’ve been looking for 42 years for them and what little information I had he took and found them in less than 1 day. Jamie Richardson truly is a miracle worker!”

Marcie N. wrote, “The PI I hired was professional, efficient, and dedicated to the task at hand. He also went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and was available anytime for questions. I would hire this PI again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him.”

Marian G wrote, “Thank you so much for everything! Your price was very fair and you did not waste time. I searched so long for my brother and you found him!! You took care of this whole situation for me. So professional.  I should of called you a long time ago. I can’t thank you enough.”

Michael Pivarnik I have a client that could not get results in Arkansas.  When my client called me to solve the problem, I called Jamie. His price was fair and had a very professional demeanor. The biggest surprise was that his team in Arkansas was able to produce results that nobody else could in the past. As a result, I have a very happy client and a well sustained relationship. Thanks Jamie.  Awesome job!!! These folks can really pull it out when it’s needed. They are my go people in New York and Arkansas.”

LarryLee F. “Are you kidding me?  This firm is going to solve ALL of your problems, and fast!  Unbelievable!!  Cost, Communications, Results — ALL within amazingly reasonable means.  Thank you MPI!”

There are several things that set Mission Possible Investigations apart from its competition. Communication is consistent, open and honest. There’s no struggling to reach us once we’ve been hired. We don’t make false claims of finding you evidence in 24 hours or guaranteeing results. We guarantee we do the work you pay for and investigate ethically and legally. We guarantee we will report on exactly what we find. It’s why we work with so many law firms.

Mission Possible Investigations founder Jamie Richardson handles all free confidential assessments and will give a realistic cost estimate of time for the case based on your unique circumstances and his years of experience in the field. We are not simply trying to make a sale. If he doesn’t think he can get you the evidence you need, he will tell you.

Jamie also only hires seasoned investigators that work with him on cases. You’ll never have an inexperienced investigator on your case, someone barely making minimum wage. Our investigators are professional and a representative of our firm in court so only the best are hired.

The proof is more than 10 years in business and hundreds of satisfied clients who refer people to us all the time. The best compliment a business can receive is a word of mouth referral, and that’s how Mission Possible Investigations has been built.