Process Service

general0012Mission Possible Investigations works with law firms of all sizes and assist attorneys with a variety of investigative strategies to improve their civil, criminal and family law cases. Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations are well-versed in the legal system and understand the importance of collecting evidence that is reliable, time sensitive, accurate and legal. Mission Possible Investigations will never gather evidence by illegal means jeopardizing your case. Investigators are former law enforcement, state investigators and legal advocates. Mission Possible Investigations provides a range of services for attorneys in both New York and Arkansas. Please call Jamie Richardson, owner of Mission Possible Investigations to discuss your case in details.

Some of the services we provide:

Process Service – Mission Possible Investigations offers process services in Albany, NY and surrounding areas. No extra charge for mileage or expedited service within this coverage area. Investigators are fast, reliable and always professional.  For service of process outside the Albany area please call for specific rates.

Background Searches – Find out all you need to know about your client and other witnesses prior to your court date. Nothing is worse than being surprised during the proceedings. Investigators can obtain a range of information to best fit your needs.  See our background service information for more details.

Witness locates — Before a witness statement can ever be taken, an investigator may need to locate a known witness or hunt out unknown potential witnesses to your legal case. Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations are highly skilled at locating individuals, canvassing neighborhoods and talking to potentials collateral witness who may offer critical evidence and information for you and your client.

Witness Interviews—Investigators are well trained in taking witness statements, judging for witness reliability and credibility. Investigators are trained to interview even the toughest witnesses; children, seniors and those with physical and development disabilities. With thousands of cases investigated, investigators have the training and experience to debrief and gather reliable witness statements to make your case stronger.

Evidence Collection — Whether its surveillance, witness statements or some photos and/ or video, investigators at Mission Possible Investigations knows how critical evidence collection is for your legal case. Investigators use the latest in video and photographic technologies and are highly skilled at utilizing surveillance to assist your legal case. Call Mission Possible Investigations offices to see how an investigator can best assist you and your client.

Trial Preparation & Other Services – Investigators have been involved in many facets of a legal case and can provide services to meet individual needs on a case-by-case basis. Investigators have prep witnesses for court, done specific research for attorneys and

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