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How Not to Handle a Sexual Harassment Claim

Major cases of sexual harassment have broken in the news with the issues at Fox News and Uber. According to, Fox News' parent company, 21st Century Fox, has paid $45 million in sexual harassment settlements since mid-2016. But sexual harassment claims don’t just happen in big corporations. It can happen at small businesses, the local mom and pop down the road, and even at nonprofits. Unlike major corporations that can better handle the big payouts that these civil cases award, for small businesses and...
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Munchausen by Internet – Being Scammed by Medical Hoax

Munchausen by internet was identified in 1998 by Dr. Marc Feldman, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Alabama, and an expert on Munchausen syndrome and factitious disorders. Dr. Feldman coined the term “Munchausen by Internet” in an article published in 2000, “Munchausen by Internet: Detecting Factitious Illness and Crisis on the Internet.” Dr. Feldman’s noted that at the start Munchausen by internet was more common in online medical support groups, but is now showing up anywhere people socialize online from social networking sites...
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