Adoption Investigations

Finding your birth family

Seeking out your birth family can be difficult. Mission Possible Investigations specializes in reuniting families separated by adoption. If you are searching and have not been successful or you do not know where to start, Mission Possible Investigations may be the key to finding the answers you need and deserve. While any and all information you have already found will be helpful to us in our investigation, in order to save you time and money, Mission Possible Investigations does not require that you know a name.

Private investigators at Mission Possible Investigations provide you with the peace of mind that your search is being handled by experienced investigators while knowing exactly what the cost will be. Investigators also provide updates throughout the full investigation. You are never left “out of the loop.”

Mission Possible Investigations handles your adoption investigations in a discreet confidential manner. While private investigators are investigating, investigators can also assist you in completing the necessary paperwork, write letters and connect you to resources that are available.  It’s a scattered system and Mission Possible Investigations brings all the resources available in one place at your fingertips.

Let Mission Possible Investigations help you reconnect.

Adoption Investigations Case Study

(Names and some details have been changed to ensure confidentiality)

Evelyn, a 43 year old woman, came to Mission Possible Investigations hoping to locate her birth parents. She had a closed adoption but she did have access to some basic identifying as well as the name of the adoption agency that handled her adoption and the city and state she was born. Evelyn also suspected that her adopted mother had more details than she was providing.

Mission Possible Investigations reviewed with Evelyn some of the strategies they would take including interviewing Evelyn’s mother if at all possible. We also assessed Evelyn’s goals and what she had done so far in the search and develop a customized investigative plan to move forward. Interviews, database searches, available court records and even adoption registry and social media, among many other avenues were explored during the investigation.

While a search of some of the adoption registries yielded few clues, Evelyn’s mother was eventually willing to speak with an investigator. Through the interview, Evelyn’s mother was able to provide additional details about the birth parents. Further intensive background investigation and subsequent interviews finally located Evelyn’s birth mother.

Mission Possible Investigations reached out to Evelyn’s birth mother for confirmation. While the woman did not want immediate contact with Evelyn, investigators were able to act as an intermediary exchanging information until the time came both wanted to meet. She was also able to inform us that sadly Evelyn’s birth father had passed away some years earlier.

Eventually the two were able to meet and reconnect. While it unsure what long-term relationship either is willing to establish, at least Evelyn was able to have answers to some long-held questions.

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