Tenant Screening & Tenant Locates

student movingFind out the facts in NY to help you make better decisions in your professional and personal life. We offer several background check packages based on your needs. Our background investigations include. Internet Search, Public Records, Interviews, Surveillance, Arrest Records, Alias Names, Bankruptcy Filings, Criminal Records, Convictions, Corporate Ownership, Driving Records, Domain Name Ownership, Judgments, Relatives, Lawsuits, Military Background, Past & Present Addresses, Prisoner Information, Property Ownership, Phone Numbers, Professional Licenses, Real Age, Sex Offenders, Tax Liens, U.C.C. Filings, Vehicle Ownership. Marriage/Divorce Records, Death Records.

Tenant Screening

Are you sure that your tenants aren’t going to damage your property or skip out on rent after you sign a lease agreement with them? It’s important to know your tenant’s history before you rent to them.  Mission Possible Investigations in NY can help you determine if your potential tenants have criminal history. Our investigators can conduct background checks and verification of references. Mission Possible Investigations also conducts locate investigations on dead beat tenants who have skipped out on paying rent, damages, etc.

Tenant Locates

Private Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations can help locate tenants that skipped out back rent. Our NY detectives help locate your former tenants possible new employers for when the time is right for you to pursue legal action. Mission Possible Investigations can conducted database research, background checks, new address research, surveillance and employment verification to assist you in recovering your lost assets. Once we have located your former tenants you can pursue legal action in court against individuals that owe you back rent.