Aerial Photography

Mission Possible Investigations has the capabilities to capture aerial shots around Albany,  New York and surrounding towns and communities. There are times when gathering information on the ground just isn’t enough. Whether in rough terrain, blocked access or just needing to capture aerial evidence, Mission Possible Investigations can handle these cases. Contracting with a local company, investigators have access to a helicopter and can capture photography of images just not able to be seen from the road and ground. Call for samples of our work.

Mission Possible Investigations Aerial Photography

Missing Persons & Locates

If you feel a loved one is missing and there is a lot of ground to cover, having someone search from the sky might be needed. Mission Possible Investigations contracts with a local company to be able to search from the air and take aerial photography if necessary. Whether its rough terrain that searchers can’t access, or areas that are just out of reach by foot or driving, Mission Possible Investigations can handles these cases.

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