Missing Persons & Locates

Has someone you love, an adult, teen or child, gone missing? Do you have suspicion of foul play, runaway or kidnapping?  Have law enforcement exhausted all leads? Mission Possible Investigations investigators are specially trained to manage missing person’s cases. Conducting a proper investigation can mean the difference between locating a loved one and never knowing what happened. Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations work directly with families, law enforcement and media resources to get the information you need out to the public.

Many potential witnesses are often more willing to speak with private investigators about something they know rather than speak with law enforcement. Mission Possible Investigations investigators can set up tip-lines and coordinate searches as needed on each case. Mission Possible Investigations investigators can provide video and photographic evidence in your case and can testify for litigation purposes if needed.

Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations have a wealth of law enforcement and other contacts across the country that help victims and their families get connected to vital services they need during a missing persons case.

If you feel a loved one is missing and there is a lot of ground to cover, having someone search from the sky might be needed. Mission Possible Investigations contracts with a local company to be able to search from the air and take aerial photography if necessary. Whether its rough terrain that searchers can’t access, or areas that are just out of reach by foot or driving, Mission Possible Investigations can handles these cases.

Heir Locate Investigations

Mission Possible Investigations works with law firms, probate attorneys and trustees who are looking for beneficiaries or missing heirs. This is important when looking to create or probate a will. Private Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations have access to many different databases that can help locate people as well as several internet techniques to help find the critical information during the search. Mission Possible Investigations private investigators can conduct interviews and research to locate missing heirs.

Witness Locate Investigations

Private investigators at Mission Possible Investigations work with attorneys and private clients to help locate witnesses in criminal defense and civil cases. With access to extensive databases, use of surveillance techniques and collateral interviews, Mission Possible Investigations investigators can work with any litigation team to develop and follow all known leads that will help locate the individuals needed to build or enhance a strong legal case.

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