As a private investigator, we handle many cheating spouse/ partner cases each year. The majority of these cases come to us because of suspicion on the part of our clients. When we are contacted, we evaluate each case and try to obtain as much pertinent information as we can at the start. Gathering as much information as possible in the beginning of a case can cut down on the time spent conducting an investigation and save the client unnecessary costs. After a thorough review of the case, we create an action plan and begin the investigation. As the investigation commences, we provide the client with as much relevant information as we are able to obtain.

To determine if a private investigator is really needed, we talk to the client about some of the warning signs of a potential cheating spouse/ partner. These warning signs and their suspicions often pave the way for how we plan our investigations. We have found in most cases that if someone has enough suspicion to retain us, then during the course of the investigation, we usually obtain evidence that the cheating is actually occurring. Private investigators gather information through many different resources and techniques. The crux of the evidence in these cases is usually obtained through surveillance.

There are many factors to consider when a private investigator is conducting an investigation and important information every client should have and take into consideration.

  • Do not to tell anyone a private investigator has been retained because even if you think your friend/mother/sister/neighbor wouldn’t say anything to your partner/spouse, people talk and gossip gets around.
  • Try not to act any different around your spouse/ partner or you may arouse suspicion.
  • Don’t change your schedule or behavior. Try to keep life as normal as it was before you retained a private investigator.
  • When provided with evidence by your private investigator do not confront your partner/ spouse with it. Take the information to your attorney or put the evidence in a safe place such as a safety deposit box at an undisclosed location until you can determine a plan of action.
  • And the most important factor is to not interfere with the private investigator. No one should know the identity of the investigator and what they are doing particularly while on surveillance.

There are certain circumstances a PI may be required to temporarily stop the investigation on one day to reevaluate the situation and start surveillance on another day. People are unpredictable, and while we can often anticipate a subject’s actions based on previous actions, sometimes it is impossible to know what exactly they will do at all times. The world and all its activities and complications doesn’t stop because we are investigating. We wish it were that simple.

It is most important that clients know that private investigators are not allowed to break the law to obtain information or collect evidence. The opportunity will arise to get the needed evidence legally. These kinds of cases vary and while some lucky cases only require a few hours of documentation to prove that the person is cheating, other times it can take longer. It is our thorough up-front assessment and fact gathering as well as other mitigating case factors that help determine this time-frame.

Once an investigator has completed the investigation, the client is provided a final report detailing all the pertinent information including times, dates and detail including any video and photographic evidence. Investigators are always available for follow-up with a client’s attorney and for court, if needed.

We cannot stress enough how important the critical up-front assessment and timing is in conducting these investigations. While the emotional scars of cheating may take a while to heal for our clients, they are at least left with the peace of mind of knowing the truth and the evidence to back up their claims in court, if it is needed.