By all accounts, 2007 wasn’t the year to launch a fledgling private investigation firm, but owner Jamie Richardson defied the odds with 10 years of business success.

Albany, New York – Private investigation firm, Mission Possible Investigations, will hit their 10 years in business milestone in 2017. Jamie Richardson, founder and CEO, started the business on an almost bare budget right at the start of the economic downturn. Most thought the business wouldn’t succeed, but not only is Richardson still in operation, he’s seen continued business growth and expanded his work gaining his private investigation license in New York and Arkansas, a state where he went to school and started his career.

Richardson was a United States Marine and has worked in quality assurance investigations in a program that served people with developmental disabilities as well as was a State of Florida Adult Protective Services investigator early in his career. Richardson is not like most who come to the private investigation industry. Many private investigators are retired law enforcement who start their business at the end of their careers. Richardson launched his business at the start of his thirties and found he had a great advantage when it came to blending into his surroundings during surveillance, taking witness statements, and doing undercover work. Plus, he was accustomed to quickly learning new technology, which is paramount in the industry.

Richardson credits his success to sheer determination, being technologically savvy, and building strong relationships with his client base, especially local attorneys. That’s one of the reasons he’s kept his business operation small and has no desire to become one of the big multi-state corporate private investigations firms that sub-contracts out to investigators in various states. It’s just not his business model. Richardson does the majority of the work himself, and will when needed, utilize a handful of trusted, experienced investigators that he’s connected with through his time in the industry.

“There is something very personal in the work that I do, and it’s important to me that I maintain client relationships and ensure the quality of our investigations,” says Richardson. “When clients call the office for a free consultation, I’m the one who answers the phone. From the first point of contact to testifying in court, I want my clients to know I’m there every step of the way. “

Mission Possible Investigations is a full-service firm handling all kinds of investigations. From criminal defense to cheating partners and child custody, Richardson’s work is as varied as the clients who hire him. He has been hired by Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, and a number of private clients from all backgrounds. Richardson has also been involved in a number of missing persons cases as well as cases to find birth families. More recently, he has even been hired to investigate catfishing cases. Richardson is highly-skilled at conducting both stationary and mobile surveillance and more than one client has commented on the quality of his video and photography. Photography has always been something of a hobby for Richardson so he’s invested quite a bit into the equipment he uses.

Richardson has been interviewed for a number of the industry’s podcasts and stories in media outlets including a short reoccurring guest spot on the “Mulrooney in the Morning” radio show on 104.9 FM in Albany, New York. Mission Possible Investigations has also produced several articles that have been published in P.I Magazine, the industry’s trade publication.

Richardson always offers a free-confidential case assessment before the start of any case that outlines strategy and cost. For more information, visit