Private Investigator Rochester NY

walkerMission Possible Investigations Private Investigators in Rochester NY offer full service investigations to meet your needs. The Private Investigators in Rochester offer services including: surveillance work, background checks, adoption investigations, elder abuse investigations and child abuse investigations, civil investigations and criminal investigations, infidelity investigations and matrimonial investigative case work. If you need a Private Investigator in Rochester, call Mission Possible Investigator for a free confidential consultation.

Private Investigator Rochester NY

Surveillance: Private Investigators in Rochester NY conduct surveillance on many types of investigative cases. Your Private Investigator in Rochester uses the latest in video and photographic technologies and skilled at utilizing surveillance techniques to assist you with your case.
Case Consultation: Private Investigators in Rochester at Mission Possible Investigations offer free case consultations nationally for attorneys, law enforcement and other private investigators on cases related to child and elder abuse, neglect and child/elder fatality. Private Investigators in Rochester also offer consultations on missing persons, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking related cases. These cases take a specialization and a unique understanding of offender typology. Rochester Private Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations are highly trained and experienced working these cases and have a national network of contacts to assist with your case.
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Private Investigators Rochester NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who handles my private investigation case needs near Rochester NY?

Private Investigators near Rochester NY routinely handle your investigative needs. We work in house meaning we handle every case ourselves. Our investigators are prior military and prior law enforcement.  

2. What can a private investigator do for my case near Rochester NY?

A private investigator near Rochester NY can collect evidence in a discrete manner. Our investigators routine handle surveillance to include cheating, general surveillance, custody and workman’s compensation investigations.

3. Where does a private investigator work?

Our Private Investigators near Rochester NY routinely work in Rochester and surrounding communities.

4. When should I hire a private investigator near Rochester NY?

Hire a private investigator near Rochester NY when you need answers for a personal or legal matter.

5. Why should I hire a private investigator near Rochester NY?

Local private investigators near Rochester NY can help cut down cost as they are familiar with the area in which you want the work completed.

6. How much does a private investigator cost near Rochester NY?

Our rates for services near Rochester NY are dependent on the mitigating circumstances of your case. A quick consultation can help determine the appropriate cost for services.