Domestic Violence in Law Enforcement Families

Stories of police brutality have become all too common, but what’s often not talked about is the frequency of domestic violence in law enforcement families. The statistics are hard to verify possibly because of low levels of reporting by fearful victims and even lower levels of arrests and prosecution in these cases. Studies by The Advocates for Human Rights organization indicate that law enforcement families are two to four times more likely than the general population to experience domestic abuse. Other studies by Diane Wetendorf,...
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Cohabitation Investigations “PI’s Declassified!” Podcast

At the end of Aug, Jamie Richardson, CEO of Mission Possible Investigation, was a guest on “PI’s Declassified!” a podcast run by licensed private investigator Francie Koehler. This is the second time Jamie has provided his expertise on the podcast. In Aug, the topic was focused on cohabitation investigations. Cohabitation investigations are one of the most frequently requested investigations at Mission Possible Investigations. These investigations are typically part of a larger divorce or child custody case and often result in a change in child support and...
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Hiring a PI to Catch a Cheater? – Here’s How Not to Mess up the Investigation

It happens more often than people think. Whether it’s evidence for court or for peace of mind, clients often go through the trouble to hire a private investigator to see if their significant other is having an affair and then mess up the entire investigation through their own actions. But first things first. To determine if a private investigator is really needed, we talk to the client about some of the warning signs of a potential cheating partner. These warning signs and their suspicions often pave...
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Essentials in Witness Statements

Witness statements are needed for different types of cases and is a core service provided by Mission Possible Investigations. Attorneys need witness statements for family, civil and criminal matters. Insurance companies need witness statements related to accidents and other insurance claims. Private clients often seek out a private investigator for witness statements for a variety of reasons Using a private investigator to take witness statements is an invaluable tool. During an insurance fraud investigation, an investigator can obtain the facts of a loss from the perspective...
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Hot Car Deaths – Accident or Homicide?

Since early May when temperatures start to warm in the south, we all start hearing about cases of parents leaving their children in the car where they die of heatstroke. It’s happened already this year in South Texas. The National Safety Council notes these incidences kill an average of 37 children a year. The council released a report that says 742 U.S. children died of heatstroke in vehicles between 1998 and 2017. Forty-two children died in these conditions in 2017, up from 39 the previous year. A...
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