Epidemic of Rape and Abuse in Nursing Homes

Recent news breaking on CNN has brought to light many cases of sexual assault and rape against seniors in nursing home facilities. But this is nothing new to Jamie Richardson, founder of Mission Possible Investigations. Working early in his career as an elder abuse investigator, he saw firsthand the abuse and neglect that can happen in these facilities as well as the challenges to prosecute and stop these crimes. As noted in the CNN article, “In cases reviewed by CNN, victims and their families were failed...
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Mission Possible Investigations Celebrates 10 Years in Business After Brave Launch During Economic Downturn

By all accounts, 2007 wasn’t the year to launch a fledgling private investigation firm, but owner Jamie Richardson defied the odds with 10 years of business success. Albany, New York – Private investigation firm, Mission Possible Investigations, will hit their 10 years in business milestone in 2017. Jamie Richardson, founder and CEO, started the business on an almost bare budget right at the start of the economic downturn. Most thought the business wouldn’t succeed, but not only is Richardson still in operation, he’s seen continued business...
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Spell Casting and Psychic Scams

Psychics, mediums, fortune tellers and spell casters have been around for centuries. From the start, their field has been rife with fraud. There is little protection for victims, many of whom are too embarrassed to come forward or simply feel too threatened to tell. A quick Google search will show the hundreds of thousands of cases where victims have been scammed with scammers gaining millions of dollars through their scams. One of the biggest hurdles for the victim is other people’s own bias about the legitimacy...
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To Honeypot or Not

Strange term, we know. Most people aren’t familiar with the term but if they read spy novels or watched James Bond more than once, they get the concept. It can also be known as honey traps. Femme fatales (or even attractive men) and lover’s plots do exist beyond books and movie. And we as private investigators often get asked to do this for clients. There are even some private investigation firms that specialize in this and do it routinely. What basically happens is you hire the...
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Catching a Stalker

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and one of the crimes with DV is stalking. Private investigators have routinely been called in to help stalking victims identify a stalker’s patterns, behaviors and to catch them in the act.  Take for instance Joan’s story. “My life felt out of control. No matter what I did he was there, calling, showing up, sending gifts,” Joan described.  “What we finally realized was he created a fake Facebook account and became friends with my friends, which gave him access to...
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